Why can’t I access my Fig+ benefits?

Last updated: March 4, 2024

We’re so sorry to hear your Fig+ benefits aren’t working as expected.

If you’re subscribed to a Fig+ plan, please try the steps below to access your Fig+ benefits.

Restore your purchase

  1. Open the Fig app
  2. Tap the “Profile” button in the bottom-right corner
  3. Tap the settings button in the top-right corner (it’s a gray, circular cog)
  4. Click “Account Management”
  5. Tap “Restore purchase”


Force close and re-open the app:

If that doesn’t work (or if you don’t see the “Restore Purchase” button), try force closing and re-opening the app:

How to force close an app on iPhone

How to force close an app on Android


Confirm you’re subscribed to Fig+

If that doesn’t work, please ensure you’re actually subscribed to a Fig+ plan. To do so, check your subscription with the App Store or Play Store.

How to check your Fig+ subscription on iPhone

How to check your Fig+ subscription on Android


If you can’t log-in to your account:

  1. When you created your Fig account, you either created an account with an e-mail address / password or you logged in through a third party service like Apple, Google, or Facebook.
  2. When trying to log-in to your Fig account, please make sure you log-in via the same method you used to create your account.
    • For example, if you originally created your account with Google sign-in, you’ll need to log-in through Google to access your account again.


If you can’t log-in to your account and you use an iPhone:

  1. When you created your account, it’s possible that Apple created a secret e-mail address called a Private Relay. THIS IS VERY COMMON and meant to protect your privacy. You will need to use this e-mail address to log-in to Fig, not your actual e-mail address.
  2. To check if a Private Relay address was created:
    • On your iPhone, navigate to: Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security > Apps Using Your Apple ID.
    • You should see a Private Relay e-mail address listed for Fig there if it exists.
    • If it does exist, use this e-mail address to login to Fig.
    • Note: If your Fig account is a Private Relay e-mail address and you’ve forgotten your password, you might experience trouble when trying to reset your password. This is a known issue with Apple Private Relay addresses. If you have trouble with this, please contact us at support@foodisgood.com and we’ll try our best to help.


Contact Fig

If none of the above steps work, please feel free to send us an e-mail.

Note: It’s best to try all three steps above first, as they will fix 99% of issues with accessing Fig+ benefits.