Untested for FODMAPs

Guide to Trying Foods that are Untested for FODMAPs

Following a low FODMAP diet can be challenging when determining portion sizes, which foods to choose, and which foods to avoid. There are some great tools such as the Monash University Low FODMAP app and the Fig aisle and ingredient scanner to help you determine what is and is not low FODMAP. However, what about the foods and ingredients that haven’t been tested? How do you determine if these are safe? Let’s dive in a bit deeper.

Pescatarian Diet

Introduction to a Pescatarian Diet

Plant-based diets have become more popular in recent years, and for good reason. There’s no question that plant-based diets are associated with many health benefits. But what about diets that are largely plant-based and also include fish and seafood? If you’re a pescatarian or are contemplating following a pescatarian diet, read on!

Milk Allergy vs Milk Intolerance

Food allergies affect a staggering 32 million Americans, and milk is one of the most prevalent allergies in both children and adults. While it is common for children to outgrow a milk allergy over time, this is not always the case.

Other individuals may not be allergic to milk but are intolerant to milk protein or milk sugar. These individuals still experience unpleasant symptoms after consuming milk products, but how can you tell if the symptoms you are experiencing are due to an allergy or an intolerance? What exactly is the difference between the two?

Egg-free diet

Introduction to an Egg-Free Diet

Eggs are often used in cooking and baking because of their material properties. But what if you can’t eat them? While following an egg-free diet

Dairy-Free Diet

Introduction to a Dairy-Free Diet

Dairy alternatives have exploded over the past few years, with more and more dairy-free products in grocery stores each year. Milk alternatives taste great and

Introduction to Celiac Disease

Thinking of going gluten-free? You may want to first check for a celiac disease diagnosis!  Going gluten-free has become popular, but when is it trendy

Fig Finds: Vegan Snacks

Plant-based diets are gaining in popularity and the food industry is rising to meet this need. A vegan diet is one that excludes all animal

Gluten-Free Diet Introcution

Introduction to a Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten-free foods and menus are popping up everywhere. This may be a blessing for those already following a gluten-free diet, but it creates questions for