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We know that consuming too many added sugars can have negative health repercussions, but are some sugars healthier than others? Does our body process all sugars in the same way? And how much sugar is too much sugar? Read on for everything you need to know about common forms of sugar. Wha[...]
If you have been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), you may be wondering what your treatment options may be. Since EoE can be triggered by food, one way to alleviate symptoms and identify your specific triggers is through diet! We’ve broken down the common EoE diets and how to follo[...]
If you’ve taken a look at labels of packaged foods lately, chances are you’ve seen “natural flavors” listed as an ingredient. We often think of the term “natural” as synonymous with health, but when it comes to natural flavors, this isn’t exactly the case. What exactly are natural flavor[...]
Fruit is delicious, nutrient-dense, and plays a fundamental role in a healthy, balanced diet, but is it possible to eat too much fruit? And if so, exactly how much fruit is too much fruit? Keep reading for all you need to know! First, let’s go over why fruit is beneficial for our overall hea[...]
Dear Fig Members, Happy February! It’s another exciting month for Fig. But before I dive into the updates, I wanted to thank each of you for helping us to change the world of food. Dietary restrictions are no fun, but I love that we’re coming together to make a difference *blush* So,[...]