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The Fig food scanner app helps you find food that matches your unique dietary needs

Dietary restrictions are hard, but we want them to feel easier. Fig (still in beta) helps you find new food that matches all of your dietary needs—for free!

Helping 50,000+ people find food freedom

The Fig food scanner app helps you find food that matches your unique dietary needs

How Fig works

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Enter all your dietary needs

Your body may react to 500+ ingredients. But we’ve got you covered. Your Fig understands every ingredient you avoid, even the uncommon ones like citric acid.

Tell Fig your unique dietary needs
Quickly see if a product fits your dietary restrictions
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Scan to see if products work for you

Nobody likes researching ingredients on every package. But now, you can instantly determine if something likely matches your Fig.

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Find the food you can eat

Maybe only 20% of products in a store work for you. But we have good news—you can instantly see them all in one place using Fig.

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Feeling good with Fig.

  • Jessa
  • Ronan
  • Jamie

“Fig made my unpredictable diet understandable and allowed me to find foods that I would’ve never thought of before. It allows me to find new vendors that are making foods that are specially made just for me, who’s allergic to everything. With Fig, I don’t cry in Sprouts anymore!”

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Jessa's Restrictions

Rice, bananas, and 33 more

“I discovered Fig when searching for an app to help me easily discover food I can eat. It has really helped me manage my diet without having to plan in advance.”

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Ronan's Restrictions

Fructans (451 ingredients)

“I filled out my Fig profile and put it to the test. I searched for protein bars and low and behold it returned the same two that I had found after hours and hours of searching in the grocery store, but this time in seconds!”

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Jamie’s Restrictions

Coconut and lactose

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Find the good in food.

Let’s make eating feel enjoyable, no matter what you avoid.

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Find your food freedom.

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