How do I make Fig profiles for my friends and family?

Last updated: July 11, 2023

Q: What is the Multiple Figs feature?
A: The Multiple Figs feature allows users to create and manage multiple diet profiles within their Fig account, catering to the dietary needs of different individuals or family members.

Q: How does the Multiple Figs feature work?
A: With Multiple Figs, you can create up to 5 diet profiles within your Fig account. Each profile represents a unique set of dietary restrictions and preferences, allowing you to scan and search for products that align with the specific needs of each individual.

Q: Who has access to the Multiple Figs feature?
A: The Multiple Figs feature is available on Fig+. You can start a free 7-Day Trial of Fig+ to see how it works for you!

Q: How can I add a new Fig profile?
A: You can add a new Fig profile by going to the Profile tab and then hitting “+ New Fig”. If you aren’t seeing an option here, be sure to update your app to the latest version on your relevant app store!

Q: Can I share my Fig profiles with friends and family?
A: To share Fig profiles with family members, you can provide them with your Fig log-in credentials. Each family member can then log into the account using those credentials and access the shared profiles. We’re also working on adding the ability to share profiles without exchanging log-in info soon!

Q: How many Fig profiles can I create?
A: You can create up to five Fig profiles per account. This limitation ensures smooth performance and optimal user experience. If we receive significant feedback regarding this limit, we may consider expanding it in the future.

Q: What happens if I exceed the limit of five Fig profiles?
A: At present, the system allows up to five Fig profiles per account. If you have already reached the limit, you’ll need to consider which profiles are most important to you and potentially consolidate or update them accordingly.

Q: Can I customize each Fig profile with different dietary restrictions?
A: Absolutely! Each Fig profile can be personalized with unique dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences. This ensures that you can tailor your scanning and searching experience to the specific needs of each individual.

Q: Can I switch the Fig profile(s) I am actively using?
A: Yes! You can toggle on and off any number of Fig profiles. To do so, just tap the “Figs” filter and select which profiles you are actively searching/scanning for.

Q: Can I edit or delete Fig profiles once they are created?
A: Yes, you can edit or delete Fig profiles as needed. Simply access the profile settings within your Fig account to make the desired changes.

Q: Will my Fig profiles be synchronized across different devices?
A: Yes, your Fig profiles will be synchronized across devices when you log in to your Fig account. This allows you to seamlessly access and manage your profiles from any supported device.

Q: Can I adjust the name and/or icon for each Fig profile?
A: Of course! You can adjust the name and/or icon for any Fig profile at any time on the “Profile” page.

Q: Does Multiple Figs work for restaurants?
A: Yes, but only for one Fig profile at a time because of how busy the ordering instructions can be. We’re working to enable having multiple profiles selected at once for restaurants in the near future!

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