Help patients adopt & adhere to complex diets

Help patients adopt & adhere to complex diets

Fig is a free app that finds foods to fit any customized diet, through search or scanGet a demoOnly available in U.S.

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I was diagnosed with an Alpha-gal allergy and this app lets me identify foods and learn about ingredients that present risks for me. It is a GAME CHANGER!!


I just started the Low FODMAP diet elimination phase and I am so grateful for this app. Shopping is no longer overwhelming.


Life-changing. No missing dangerous ingredients or wasting money on foods I can't have.

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Guidance for any diet, anywhere

Handouts often find their way to the trash. Fig provides patients individualized care to align with your recommendations after they leave your office. We cover any combination of 2,800 diets, allergies, and ingredients.

Better adherence, less patient stress

Dietary restrictions are hard. 80% of patients report feeling safer eating after using Fig, and it saves them hours of searching for foods and checking ingredient labels each week.

Empower patients, right away

Specialist or dietitian referrals aren’t always accessible. It’s hard to find the time to support an elimination diet. Fig helps patients explore diet-based solutions to their symptoms right away AND educates them on why foods do or don’t fit their diet.

Empower patients, right away

Fig is free for everyone, but paying $50/year for Fig+ unlocks additional features some patients may find useful, including unlimited scans, multiple Figs, and restaurants

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🥑 Tyler Scheviak
🥑 Tyler Scheviak

Tyler grew up with dietary restrictions since contracting a stomach virus at the age of 10. That's what led him to Fig, where his mission is to help everyone with dietary restrictions find food they can eat.

Built by patients. Backed by dietitians.

As people with dietary restrictions, we understand the importance of accuracy. We worked with clinical dietitians to create over 50,000 diet-ingredient relationships, and we’re constantly updating our database with live feedback from our users.

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