Our Story

We created Fig because we’ve been there.

Sick of restrictions, we sought out possibilities.

How It Started

We were frustrated.

If you’re like us, we know you’ve drifted through grocery stores hungry and searching. You’ve declined dinner invitations and sacrificed spontaneity. You felt limited by all the extra work it takes to simply have a meal.

We wondered ...why?

Why is eating with dietary restrictions such a chore? Isn’t there an easier way? Shouldn’t you have some simple tool to help out?

We decided to make it clear.

Tired of seeing you being told what you couldn’t eat, we chose to show you everything you could. And we met thousands of people like you, and like us, all helping to improve the quality of life for those with dietary needs.

Moving Forward, Together

We are a team of passionate builders, engineers and dietitians with one common goal: to make dealing with dietary restrictions a heck of a lot easier.
Maxwell Rebarber
Andrew Hollar
Jake Lynch
Product & Engineering
Tyler Scheviak
Product & Growth
Anurima Sharma
Product & Engineering
Bex Ungpiyakul
John Kim
Brian Estany
Rachel Dyckman, RDN
Danielle Lewis, RD
Joanna Baker, APD RN
Kate Watson
Kristi Winkels, RDN, LD
Our Movement

But the best part? Coming together for change.

We’re still perfecting our path, and the more the merrier. Are you a manufacturer, grocery store, possible partner, or just someone who wants to work with us and provide feedback? We’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch with Fig
Get in touch with Fig

Be part of our mission.

Fig is more than an app—it’s a community effecting widespread change. From ensuring ingredient transparency, to educating our friends and family, to finding better support from healthcare professionals, let’s make eating easier.

Get in touch with Fig
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