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Andrew (co-founder of Fig) here. We have a few important changes coming to Fig this week, and I wanted you to hear about them from us.  But first, I'll start with a little about our team: a group of people with dietary restrictions - just like you and me - who have dedicated our lives t[...]
Dear Fig Members, Happy February! It’s another exciting month for Fig. But before I dive into the updates, I wanted to thank each of you for helping us to change the world of food. Dietary restrictions are no fun, but I love that we’re coming together to make a difference *blush* So,[...]
Dear Fig Members, Happy New Year! What an incredible way to end 2021 – more than 20,000 of you joined Fig in just the past 2 weeks (we went viral on TikTok!). We’re grateful to have you on our journey to help everyone find food, no matter their dietary restrictions :)December was a[...]
For every kid who can’t eat the birthday cake. For every crying session in the grocery store. For every untimely bathroom trip. Fig is my way of bringing all of us together to make our lives easier. Many of you know I started Fig after my three-year-long diagnosis with IBS and SIBO back in 2[...]
Today we’re excited to announce that the beta version of the Fig App is now available for free on both iOS and Android in the US.  Our team started Fig after feeling overwhelmed by our various dietary restrictions (food allergies, IBS, histamine issues, intolerances,[...]