From the Founder: November 2023

From the Founder: November 2023

Published on November 24, 2023

Dear Fig Members,

Happy Thursday! I want to share what we’ve been working on to improve Fig for you and your family.

This week is particularly exciting because we are launching a highly-anticipated feature: Ingredient Alerts!

We’ve got more details on this feature and everything else we’ve been working on below 👇

What’s New at Fig? ✨

  • ✨ New Feature – Ingredient Alerts ✨:
    • Last year, manufacturers changed ingredients in more than 20% of all products on Fig – and without warning 😨
    • Fig Ingredient Alerts will notify you if ingredient or allergen changes happen in your favorite products! Simply add the products you commonly buy to any list on Fig, and the app will alert you if any of those products change ingredients and no longer fit your dietary needs.
    • Ingredient Alerts is a Fig+ feature. Remember, you can get a 7-day free trial of Fig+ to try this feature and all the other Fig+ features: unlimited scanning, restaurants, store filtering, Multiple Figs, and more!
  • Improved Scanner:
    • We heard you when you told us it was frustrating to scan shiny and wrinkled barcodes. Our tech team changed the app’s scanner this month and it’s MUCH faster than before. Give it a try if you haven’t already 🚀
  • Algorithm Improvements:
    • Accuracy is always our #1 priority at Fig, and our tech team continued to make improvements this month.

In particular, the team focused on improving how allergen statements are read by Fig’s algorithm. For example, if a product was made in a facility without wheat, we want to ensure the app doesn’t accidentally read “wheat” as an allergen in that product.

If you spot this happening in the app, please tap “Report Issue” and we’ll work to resolve it ASAP!

What’s Coming Next 👀

  • Adding 15,000 new products (90% Complete)
    • We hate missing products as much as you do! Next week, we’ll be adding 15,000 highly requested products to the app.
  • Adding 26 new grocery stores (50% Complete):
    • Yes, you read that right! 26 new stores are coming to the app soon. We’ll announce the full list in a month but for a sneak peek: Winn-Dixie, Dollar General, Stater Bros, IGA, Fresh Thyme and the Military Commissaries 🤩
  • Making Food Discovery More Fun (50% Complete):
    • When you click the “Grocery” tab on Fig, we want you to be excited by what you find. More to come soon 😊
  • 48-hour turnaround on missing products (50% Complete):
    • If you send us a missing product on Fig, we want you to get a response ASAP! Starting next month, we’ll get all submitted products added to the app within 48 hours – and we’ll notify you when missing products are added!
  • “Beyond the Label” Data Improvements (15% Complete):
    • We know how frustrating it is to get a Yellow result when you scan a product. To get you a more helpful answer, we’ve started contacting manufacturers to inquire about vague ingredients like “natural flavors” and unlisted cross-contamination concerns.
    • Eventually, we’ll start displaying this information in the app to provide you with more information and to save you time from contacting manufacturers yourself.
  • Vastly Improved Restaurant Experience (5% Complete):
    • Many Fig members find our current restaurants feature helpful. But we have BIG plans for what it can be and we’re kicking off work to make it all happen. This will be a big focus for 2024 🤩
  • Accuracy and Algorithm Improvements (Ongoing):
    • This month, we’re working to ensure products are consistently rated on Fig. For example, we’ve heard from some of you that it’s frustrating when you see certain packs of Butter as Green and other packs as Red. These changes are expected to be completed by the end of November.

Let us know what else you want to see

We knew Fig wouldn’t be built overnight, and your feedback ensures we’re moving in the right direction. Here are two ways you can help us shape the future of Fig:

Thank you

I’ve said it a million times, but it’s an honor to be building Fig for you, your families and your communities. We spend every waking minute thinking about how we can make the app more helpful and how we can make food feel fun again. I’m genuinely excited by what’s coming over the next few months.

Thank you as always for being the best part of Fig.

Have a great weekend,
Fig Co-Founder

P.S. We just re-launched the Fig Ambassador Program! Our ambassadors help us promote the app on social media and give us feedback on new features as we build them. If you’re interested in joining, you can apply here!