Low FODMAP Label Reading

While it’s always the safest bet to eat certified low FODMAP foods when following a low FODMAP elimination diet, it’s not possible to do so

Add Variety to a Low FODMAP Diet

From dragon fruit to lentils and millet to lactose-free kefir, it really is possible to eat the rainbow on a low FODMAP diet – as long as you watch your serving sizes. This week’s guest blogger, Antonella Dewell, RDN, gives her best tips for adding variety. Enjoy!

Is Cheese Low FODMAP

Low FODMAP Cheese

It’s a happy day when people discover they can still eat cheese on a low FODMAP diet! Lactose is the FODMAP of concern when it comes to dairy products like cheese. Fortunately, many cheeses are considered low lactose, especially aged cheeses. But how do you know which cheeses are low enough in lactose to be considered low FODMAP cheese? It’s really quite simple!

Low FODMAP Snacks like popcorn

Low FODMAP Snacks

If you’re following a low FODMAP diet, I’m sure you are familiar with the portion size restrictions around some of your favorite foods. You may find that your meals are a bit smaller than they were before, leaving you feeling hungry in between meals. How do we feed that hunger while still adhering to the low FODMAP diet? Let’s take a look at how to enjoy snacks while on a low FODMAP diet.

What is FODMAP Stacking and How do You Avoid it?

FODMAP stacking happens when you eat two or more servings from the same FODMAP group at the same time or within several hours of each other. When this happens, FODMAPs can compound together and cause symptoms.

Restaurants on a Low FODMAP diet

Low FODMAP restaurants: Tips for eating out low FODMAP

When you first start a low FODMAP diet, you may wonder, “Can I ever eat out at a restaurant again?” While the diet is certainly easier to follow when cooking at home, that does not mean you have to cook every single meal for the duration of elimination and reintroduction. Let’s dive into eating out low FODMAP and explore some low FODMAP restaurants!

How to Make a Low FODMAP Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? You may be disheartened to think you can’t have pizza while on a low FODMAP diet, because they are generally filled with all things FODMAP: wheat, onions, and garlic to name a few. But fear not: it is still possible to make a delicious, tummy-friendly pizza.

Alcohol on the Low FODMAP diet

Alcohol on the Low FODMAP Diet

It seems like every social event or gathering revolves around the same two things: food and drinks. We know that balancing a social life while trying to strictly adhere to the low FODMAP diet can be a challenge. But how does alcohol fit into the equation? Or does it fit into the low FODMAP diet?

Low FODMAP Serving and Portion Sizes

Understanding Low FODMAP serving sizes

When it comes to a low FODMAP diet, portions do matter! If you’re just getting started on the elimination phase of the diet and not seeing the results you had hoped for, it’s possible you’re not paying enough attention to serving sizes. Many “low FODMAP foods” become high FODMAP at larger serving sizes. Check out our handy guide to deciphering portions on the Low FODMAP diet.

How to find a low FODMAP protein powder

Choosing a Low FODMAP Protein Powder

Protein powders are great after a long workout. They’re also a way to give a protein boost to your favorite smoothies to help you feel full longer. Whatever your reason for choosing protein powders, you have to be especially cognizant of ingredients when following a Low FODMAP diet. Let’s dive into choosing the Low FODMAP protein powder that works best for you (and your gut!).