Is it Gelatin free? Dave's Killer Bread Organic Raisin The Roof Bread

Is it Gelatin free? Dave's Killer Bread Organic Raisin The Roof Bread

This product is likely gelatin free.


Organic wheat (organic whole wheat flour, organic wheat flour), water, organic raisins, organic cinnamon bites (organic sugar, organic wheat flour, organic cinnamon, organic sunflower oil), organic wheat gluten, organic cane sugar, organic raisin bread topping (organic rolled wheat, organic thick rolled oats, organic whole flax seed, organic sunflower seed, organic un-hulled brown sesame seed), yeast, organic expeller pressed canola oil, salt, organic cultured wheat, wheat enzymes, organic vinegar



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What is the Gelatin free diet?

A gelatin-free diet avoids any foods containing gelatin, a protein derived from animal collagen used as a gelling agent in various food products like jellies, desserts, marshmallows, and some yogurts and candies. People may choose a gelatin-free diet for ethical, dietary, or religious reasons. To adhere to this diet, it's important to check food labels carefully, as gelatin is sometimes hidden in unexpected products. The Fig app can assist in creating a gelatin-free shopping list, helping to identify suitable alternatives and maintain this dietary preference. Collaboration with a dietitian can ensure nutritional needs are met without gelatin.