Is acai juice concentrate low FODMAP?

Acai Juice Concentrate is untested and may be high or low FODMAP. Juice concentrate is generally higher in FODMAPs than regular juice. Test tolerance of untested foods in small portions and only when symptoms are fully settled. Possible FODMAPs: Fructans

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Fig’s free Chrome Extension instantly flags ingredients that aren’t Low FODMAP on grocery and recipe websites. Click any ingredient like acai juice concentrate to read about its likely FODMAP content. Personalize Fig to flag ingredients that don’t match other diets like gluten free, dairy free, food allergies, vegan and more.

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Learn how to think about ingredients like acai juice concentrate

If you’re just getting started, we highly recommend reading our guide to the Low FODMAP diet written by Monash FODMAP-trained dietitian Kate Watson. This is important as you assess if ingredients like acai juice concentrate are IBS friendly. Many ingredients are either low or high FODMAP based on serving size and preparation.


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