Is acacia (arabic gum) low FODMAP?

Acacia (Arabic Gum) has not been tested for FODMAPs. However, Acacia (Arabic Gum) is thought to be low FODMAP. Gums may cause GI symptoms in some especially sensitive IBS patients, particularly if multiple types of gums are found in a food product.

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Scan products to see if they're Low FODMAP

Simply scan a product with Fig's free phone app to see if it's likely Low FODMAP. Click any ingredient like acacia (arabic gum) to learn about its FODMAP content.

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Struggling to find Low FODMAP groceries?​

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Struggling to find Low FODMAP groceries?​
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New to a Low FODMAP diet?​

If you're just getting started, we highly recommend our guide to the Low FODMAP diet written by Monash-trained dietitian Kate Watson. This is important as you assess if ingredients like acacia (arabic gum) are IBS friendly. Many ingredients are low or high FODMAP based on serving size and preparation.

Since the diet is difficult to follow, we recommend working with a FODMAP-trained dietitian. A dietitian can help you understand the diet and your unique needs.

We last updated this acacia (arabic gum) note on September 13, 2022. Despite our best efforts, ingredient information may be inaccurate or outdated. Please check Fig for the latest ingredient updates. Always consult your doctor or dietitian prior to starting a dietary treatment of any kind.

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