Low FODMAP Tacos
Rachel Dyckman
Rachel DyckmanRegistered Dietitian

Low FODMAP Tacos

Published on January 20, 2024

Between the beans, onions, garlic, and sour cream, you may think that your days of eating tacos are over when beginning the low FODMAP diet. But don’t write off tacos entirely! With a little creativity and a few simple substitutions, you can still enjoy tacos on the low FODMAP diet. Read on to learn which taco components are low FODMAP and at what portion sizes, how to make low FODMAP recipe modifications, and to discover some food brands suitable for the low FODMAP diet, to simplify your taco-making.

Taco Seasoning

You can’t have taco night without taco seasoning! While many taco seasoning mixes contain high FODMAP ingredients like garlic and onion powder, you can make your own low FODMAP taco seasoning spice mix. Simply combine cumin, salt, pepper, paprika, oregano, red pepper flakes, and ancho chili powder, adjusting measurements to your taste preferences. To provide the flavor of onion and garlic without the FODMAPs, you can always use garlic or onion-infused olive oil to sauté your taco fillings, or add sautéed scallion greens to your tacos, which are also low FODMAP.

If you’d rather save some time and use a premade taco seasoning, you’re in luck!

Here are a few low FODMAP taco seasonings to check out. You’ll need to download the free Fig app to view these products. Fig will also show you which grocery stores carry these items:


While the enchiladas that you’ll find at Mexican restaurants will generally be high FODMAP, you can still enjoy enchiladas if you make your own. You’ll just need to make a few simple low FODMAP ingredient substitutions. For example, use corn tortillas instead of wheat varieties, which are high in the FODMAP fructans. Also, omit garlic and onion or any sauces made with garlic and onion. Instead, try using scallion greens or chives for a similar onion-like flavor. Lastly, you’ll want to use a low FODMAP enchilada sauce, and shredded cheeses that are low in lactose, such as extra sharp cheddar. If you’d rather save some time and opt for pre-made enchiladas, you’re in luck! You can purchase pre-made enchiladas from low FODMAP meal delivery services such as ModifyHealth.

Enchilada Sauce

Most enchilada sauces contain garlic and onion, both of which are high in fructans. Fortunately, there are low FODMAP food brands that make their own enchilada sauce, free from these fructan sources. Low FODMAP enchilada sauce will still have plenty of flavor from the chili peppers and other seasonings, so you won’t have to compromise on taste.

Here are some low FODMAP-friendly enchilada sauce brands to check out next time you’re grocery shopping:


Wheat is high in the FODMAP fructans, therefore wheat-based tortillas will also be high FODMAP. Corn tortillas, however, are totally fair game if you’re following the low FODMAP diet. If you typically have trouble digesting corn in its whole-kernel form, like popcorn and corn on the cob, you may be surprised to find that corn-based foods like tortillas and polenta are well-tolerated. This is because the corn is more broken down when it’s pounded into a flour, eliminating extra work for your digestive tract so it goes down smoothly. To ensure low FODMAP compliance, look for corn tortillas with simple ingredient lists. The Fig app can save you time and trouble at the grocery store by scanning ingredient labels for you!

Blue corn tortillas and yellow corn tortillas made with added gums or fibers are considered low FODMAP in portions of 2 tortillas per serving. Yellow corn tortillas made without added gums or fibers are low FODMAP in portions of up to 3 tortillas per serving.

You can also try rice-based tortillas while following the low FODMAP diet. Since rice is a low FODMAP grain, gluten-free products made with rice flour are often low FODMAP, too. Again, it’s important to check ingredient labels or use your Fig Ingredient Scanner while grocery shopping, to help you steer clear of sneaky FODMAP sources that may be added.

Here are some low FODMAP-friendly tortilla brands to try:


To make low FODMAP tacos, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. You’ll want to use a low FODMAP taco seasoning, or make your own without onion or garlic. Fillings can include proteins like sauteed ground turkey, chicken, beef, fish, or shrimp. If you’re plant-based, extra firm tofu works well too. Low FODMAP taco toppings may include shredded aged cheese, lactose-free sour cream or plain lactose-free Greek yogurt, diced tomatoes or low FODMAP salsa, up to 1/3 cup of sauteed red bell peppers per serving, chopped scallion greens, rice seasoned with low FODMAP taco seasoning, shredded lettuce, and up to 1/8 of a medium-sized avocado per serving. A squeeze of lime juice and some fresh cilantro also add extra flavor without additional FODMAPs. Hold off on the beans, which are high in the FODMAPs galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and fructans even in small portions.

For your taco shells, there are plenty of low FODMAP options to choose from. Most hard taco shells are corn-based, so as long as they don’t contain any high FODMAP additives, they’ll be low FODMAP compliant. You can enjoy corn taco shells in portions of up to 2 shells per serving on the low FODMAP diet. Here are some low FODMAP taco shell brands to check out:


Tacos are festive and delicious, and fortunately, you don’t have to give them up while following a low FODMAP diet. Although certain taco components are high FODMAP, there are many ways to modify recipes and taco ingredients so that you can still enjoy them without experiencing uncomfortable GI symptoms. Hopefully you now have a better idea of what you can include in your low FODMAP tacos and at what portion sizes, along with some products to keep an eye out for when grocery shopping. Be sure to use your Fig Ingredient Scanner to quickly and easily identify taco ingredients suitable for you and your individualized needs.