Andrew Hollar
Andrew HollarCo-Founder @ Fig

Introducing Fig+

Published on August 15, 2022

Andrew (co-founder of Fig) here. We have a few important changes coming to Fig this week, and I wanted you to hear about them from us. 

But first, I’ll start with a little about our team: a group of people with dietary restrictions – just like you and me – who have dedicated our lives to helping everyone find food they can eat.

Bex has a severe corn allergy. Tyler reacts to over 400 ingredients. I have IBS and SIBO. We quit our jobs to build Fig and solve the challenges we all face every day. 

And judging by the rapid growth of Fig (>250,000 members and over 3.7 million products checked as of August 2022!), the community values it, too.

But we have so much more to do.

We dream of eating at restaurants with ease, helping our friends and family better accommodate us, and using Fig to find recipes.

While building towards this future, we always took pride in keeping the app free. But a recent event showed us a harsh reality for free apps.

A few months ago, a similar app in the UK called FoodMaestro shut down their app because it wasn’t financially sustainable. Thousands of people were left sad and wondering why they could never use it again. 

We do not want this to happen with Fig. 

Our community has needed something like Fig for too long, and we still have so many problems to solve and people to help. But the reality is building and maintaining technology requires money – and we need your help.

So, what’s the plan?

After talking to hundreds of Fig Members, it’s clear that having a paid version of the app which offers additional features, yet is still lovable in its free version, is the best path forward. 77.4% of Members even said they were willing to pay.  

That’s why we’re excited to announce Fig+, a premium version of Fig that helps you support our mission and unlock new features.

And if you’re feeling gracious, we’ve also opened a page where you can donate to support Fig and help us pay for our ever-increasing expenses. Every dollar helps 😊

What will be in Fig+?

With Fig+, you will get access to new, highly-requested features as they are released.

To start, Fig+ members will get access to test the early version of Fig restaurants and find food that works for them at 12 (and growing) chain restaurants. 

In the next few months, Fig+ members will also be able to create multiple Fig profiles, so you can easily shop for yourself, friends, and family. You’ll also be able to share these Fig profiles, so others can shop for you, too!

Here’s a graphic of Fig Free vs. Fig+ for the visual folks:   

You can also read about Fig+ on our FAQ page.

How much will it cost?

We know personally what it’s like to pay for colonoscopies, $9 loaves of bread, and multiple doctor appointments each week. 

So, to keep it affordable, you can get Fig+ for less than a cup of coffee each month (~$4.16) if you pay annually.

And if you can’t afford Fig+, we have a way you can get it for free (more below).

What if I don’t upgrade to Fig+?

Times are hard, and we believe everyone with dietary restrictions should be able to find food they can eat. 

If you don’t upgrade to Fig+, we still love you and we’ll still cover the costs of having you use Fig. You’ll still get unlimited searches. You’ll still get 5 scans per month.   

If you want Fig+ but can’t or don’t want to pay, you can request free access through the Fig Uplift program (coming soon). 

A final note

Before you leave us a 1-star review, just know that our mission is to keep this important tool in all of our lives for years to come, and you can still access the bulk of features for free (and even request free Fig+ access). 

This is a big change and your voice is important to us, so we set up a 2-minute survey for you to give feedback on Fig+ and the direction of Fig

We know we’re not perfect and we’re new to the whole “charging money” thing, but we’re grateful for your continual support and understanding.

Here’s to helping many more people like us find food we can eat, together.

-Andrew and the Fig Team

P.S.  If you have any questions or feedback for us, you can email us at We value your input greatly.