Is Apple Cider Vinegar high in histamine?

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is a histamine liberator; in other words, it triggers the release of the body’s existing histamine.

Fig’s free browser extension instantly shows you if ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar are high histamine on grocery and recipe websites.

Click any ingredient like Apple Cider Vinegar to read a note from our dietitians about its likely histamine content. Fig will tell you if an ingredient is likely high in histamine, a histamine liberator or a DAO blocker. 

The Low Histamine diet is very challenging to follow, as there are only limited primary data sources available detailing which ingredients are:


  • High in histamine
  • Histamine liberators (ingredients that trigger release of the body’s natural histamine)
  • DAO blockers (ingredients that block the enzyme that breaks down histamine and other amines)

We’ve done our best to provide accurate information on the histamine content of Apple Cider Vinegar; however, please work with a dietitian when possible to best understand your individual needs.