Last updated: March 28, 2022

Our story

Dietary restrictions are hard. Our team knows this because we face hundreds of restrictions ourselves, from avocado allergies to citric acid intolerances. We’ve watched others eat sugary birthday cakes without us. We’ve cried at the grocery store. We’ve had reactions that caused us hours of crippling pain.

Everyone with complex dietary needs asks the same question: “what can I actually eat?

So we made Fig to help answer this question. The idea is simple—you tell Fig your dietary restrictions and you’re guided to what you can eat. Regardless of what you avoid. At grocery stores right now, but eventually restaurants & more. Tackling dietary restrictions is a huge task. And we know we’re not fully there yet.

But we want your life to feel simple and enjoyable, no matter where you get your food. Because everyone deserves to believe that Food is Good.