Fig Uplift Program

Uplift others in need.

Sponsor Fig+ memberships for those who can’t afford it.

Help everyone find food they can eat

Everyone should be able to find food they can eat, no matter their financial status. That’s why we created the Fig Uplift Program.

Here’s how it works:

  • Those in a better financial position can sponsor Fig+ memberships for those in need
  • Those in need can get access to Fig+ for free

Uplift others like you

For a small donation, you can help dozens receive the benefits of a Fig+ membership.

Each year, support12 People

with a month of Fig+

$39.99/yearHelp 12 People
Each year, support30 People

with a month of Fig+

$99.99/yearHelp 30 People
Each year, support People

with a month of Fig+

One-Time DonationCustom Donation