How do I use the browser extension?
Last updated: March 21, 2022

Using the Fig Browser Extension is simple! Just shop for groceries or look for recipes like you normally would online.

When you’re on a website that works with Fig, you’ll automatically see the Fig icon appear. Click here for a list of websites where Fig currently works.

Hover over the Fig icon to quickly see ingredients in a product or recipe. Ingredients that likely do not match your needs are red, while ingredients that may not match your needs are yellow.

Learn more about the Fig color system.

You can click any ingredient to learn more about why it may not match your Fig. For example, “whole grain rolled oats” are flagged yellow, since the user has selected a gluten free diet for their Fig.

If you are personally fine with an ingredient that is flagged red or yellow, simply click the “Don’t Warn Me About This Ingredient” button, and your Fig will stop warning you about that ingredient on future products and recipes. Similarly, if you’d like to be warned about an ingredient, simply click the ingredient in the list of ingredients and click “Warn Me About This Ingredient.”

If you notice any issues or errors, please click the “Feedback” button at the bottom of the list of ingredients. You can report things like:

  • Incorrect ingredients for a product or recipe
  • Fig flagging ingredients incorrectly
  • Fig button appearing on non-food products
  • Your suggestions for improving Fig