Is acacia (arabic gum) Whole 30?

Acacia (Arabic Gum) is Whole 30 compliant.

Quickly check if products are 30 Whole Days compliant

Scan a barcode with Fig’s free app. Ingredients that aren’t compliant with the diet are flagged in red. Tap any ingredient like acacia (arabic gum) to read if it’s 30 Whole Days compliant.

fig's phone app tells you if products are likely whole30
search for whole30 foods with the fig app

Search your grocery store for food that fits 30 Whole Days

Tell Fig which diets you follow, and Fig will let you search for food products that fit those diets – at all your favorite grocery stores. Fig works with 30 Whole Days and 100+ other diets. It’s fast and free!

Just getting started on the Whole 30 diet?

The Whole 30 diet is a 30 day elimination diet designed to help you improve your relationship with food. By requiring followers to give up certain foods for a month, the diet purportedly reduces food cravings. It may also improve blood sugar regulation, digestion, or inflammation.


Followers of the diet must give up a long list of food including but not limited to sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy and certain additives. Since there are hundreds of ingredients to avoid, it can be tricky to determine if ingredients like acacia (arabic gum) are allowed on the diet.


Since the diet can be complex to follow, we highly recommend using an app like Fig to help you find food. You can also read more about starting the diet on Healthline and EverydayHealth. Fig is not affiliated with the Whole30 diet program.


Prior to starting any diet, it’s critical to seek medical guidance from your doctor or dietitian.