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What is a vegan diet? A vegan diet is a diet free of all animal products and their derivatives, including gelatin, dairy, eggs, fish, meat, poultry, and honey. Why follow a vegan diet? People choose to follow a vegan diet for a variety of reasons including but not limited to ethica[...]
If you’ve taken a look at labels of packaged foods lately, chances are you’ve seen “natural flavors” listed as an ingredient. We often think of the term “natural” as synonymous with health, but when it comes to natural flavors, this isn’t exactly the case. What exactly are natural flavor[...]
Whether you’re dairy-free or simply prefer milk alternatives, navigating the milk alternative aisle can be confusing and overwhelming. From almond milk to oat milk, soy milk, pea milk, and more, there is certainly no shortage of dairy-free options. But not all milk alternatives are created equa[...]
Plant-based diets are gaining in popularity and the food industry is rising to meet this need. A vegan diet is one that excludes all animal products including meat, dairy, eggs, and seafood. Though some food products may look vegan at first glance, they may still contain certain food addit[...]